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From simple demos to full albums to music videos.  Our lead engineer has over 30,000 hours of experience in over 70 genres of music.  There's a reason we have so many repeat clients.  We treat your project with the same care we would as if it were our own.

We work remotely with clients worldwide!  We can handle complete projects from our remote location in Northern Idaho.  

Doesn't hesitate to call us, we'll show you just how easy it is to work with us wherever you may be!

The Nashville Connection

Michael Lewis worked in Nashville for 12 years before returning to the Northwest.  He is intimately familiar with the Nashville pocket, the sound and the quality that is required to compete with the majors.
   "The kind of quality that Michael produces is more like a 'major hub' sound; New York, L.A., or Nashville.  I sent him a very small project, and he exceeded my expectations by paying attention to the little nuances that make a recording current and competitive.  Thanks, Michael!"
- Ann Johnson,    
Alpha and Omega Christian Songwriters
   Formerly of Nashville, now in Seattle.