The Song Mill​​
International Recording Studio, Production House and More...
Experienced, Professional and most importantly... FUN!
With a combined total of over 50 years of studio experience, Michael, Bridgette and Jordan Lewis are a team of true studio professionals.  Michael Lewis brings 32+ years and over 30,000 hours of studio experience in over 20 studios in a half dozen states.  Michael is passionate about audiophile quality and will go to great lengths to make sure every project meets the highest standards of quality.  Bridgette and Jordan have over 20 years of combined studio and recording experience.  Both of them grew up in the Nashville Music Scene and were exposed to high level musicianship and quality standards.  It helps to also have constant access to Michael's vast array of knowledge about recording and production.   Far beyond recording and production, this team is extremely gifted with a wide variety of talents, too extensive to list here.  
Jordan Lewis in studio B at the Song Mill
 Michael Lewis 
Bridgette Lewis  
Jordan Lewis